Tuesday, November 18, 2014

a bit like skrillex... only not quite as hip

posted by jennifer:

holy shit balls!  i am going bald.  kind of.  

yesterday, when getting myself presentable before the afternoon pickups, i went to pull back my hair into a barrette.   i was shocked to find a kind huge bald spot behind my right ear.   i
mean truly, skrillex came to mind.  

you know skrillex.  i do because i am a wee bit hip and read rolling stone.  skrillex is a dj known for his bass drops.

me... well it appears i mostly am dropping several hundreds of hairs a day.  

now mind you, i had to leave to get the girls minutes after i made the discovery... so i didn't have time to do anything but start to worry.
  -brain tumor on the right side?
  -wacked out hormones (still a possibility)
  -what kind of wig will i get?  a realistic one... or a brilliant blue punky style. and if i do get
    a realistic one should i go with one with emerging gray hairs or just a rich brown?

driving to the schools, i had more time to think.... 

holy shit balls!

showing my husband when he got home from work.  
  me:  "i just discovered something kind of crazy"
  him:  "oh yeah"
  me:  "yeah.  i have a bald spot on my head"
  him:  "yeah.  tell me about it"....."is mine getting bigger"
     side note:  i don't even think his hair is thinning
  me: "no really.  look."
  him:  silence
  me:  " i told you."

calling my sister to tell her.  her "holy shit"  or something like that.  i love how she agrees with my freaking out.  then her telling me.   "don't google search it.  it is only going to freak you out."  she did the google searching for me.  called me back, and told me to stop running my hands through my hair.  "no really.  you need to stop."

you see, i have this habit of running my hands through my hair... when i am bored.  maybe when i am stressed. and in thinking about it, it is usually on the right hand side... behind my ear and upwards.  the last few weeks, a lot of hair is between my fingers after doing so.  i actually thought the other day  "i am going to go bald"  hahaha!  good one jennifer.  you were so right.  hahaha.  you see, i am laughing, because i want to cry.    

so now i have a list of things to try:
   cedarwood oil
   evening primrose oil
   rosemary essential oil
   lavender essential oil

and i have been doing all i can to not touch my hair.  i saw a sign today.  the san diego river runs through our city, and there is a sign near part of it that reads:  habitat restoration in progress   do not touch.    and i couldn't help but think of my head.  but switch out habitat for hair.

so um, yeah.  a bit like skrillex.... only not quite as hip.



  1. Well, I just tried listening to Skrillex's Ragga Bomb (Teddy Killerz Remix) and I had to pauze it half-way thru because it was too much for my hipness level. Ok, Jennifer, this is so simple. Luckily, you have a little brother who is always keen on a solution when it is possible by physical or mechanical intervention with no emotional involvement required...

    And it helps that I work for Home Depot.

    Evening primrose oil?
    Lavender essential oil?!

    Hopefully Skrillex doesn't read this post.

    Have you ever felt carpet strip? If you haven't, trust me. Embed just a small chunk of that shit in your scalp in the problem area, and you will be FINISHED with running your hand thru your hair on the FIRST OFFENSE!

    No sissy fragrances required.

    Razor wire could be an alternative option.

    I love you.

  2. thanks for those suggestions david. do you think you could get me an employee discount at home depot? cuz after i drop $50+ at sprouts today on all these sissy remedies, i might not be able to afford the carpet strip. love you ♥ -jennifer