Tuesday, December 10, 2013

UPS has a New kid on the block

UPS packages are flying in my neighborhood,
but not by drones.
This airborne package, is being transferred from my usual UPS driver's truck, to a drop station.  From that storage pod, final delivery will be made, by bike.  How cool is that?

This is Kenyon.

He is a UPS bike delivery guy.
Using a mountain bike with a custom-made trailer, he pedals through the neighborhood bringing those online purchases, gifts, and such to their final destination....happy customers.

Bicycle delivery an operational effort on UPS's part, with environmental benefits.
UPS says, "Bikes simply make sense at this time of the year."  There is a heavy volume of packages going into residential neighborhoods and using bicycle delivery saves time and fuel.  
UPS figures that during peak season, when 3 bikes are in use it saves 17 gallons of fuel a day, plus $38,000 in vehicle maintenance costs.

Although bike delivery is new to Orange County, California, it has been in use for some years in other places.  Vancouver, Washington and Portland, Salem, Corvallis, Antelope, Eugene, and Medford, Oregon started bike delivery in 2008.  It has been used in New Hampshire, Maine, and Tennessee. 

Like Amazon, FedEx, and Domino's, UPS is considering the use of unmanned drones.  UPS invests heavily in technology, including alternative fuel vehicles.  I am glad they are open to all kinds of strategies in moving packages.  And I hope they continue to recognize that humans are best suited to deliver those packages.  Aren't UPS drivers the friendliest, most efficient delivery people? 
I'll watch for expanded bike delivery.  Sadly, at this time, my neighborhood will go back to truck delivery after the Christmas rush. 

In the meantime, although I miss that distinct UPS truck sound stopping in front of my house, I applaud "Brown's" very visible bike delivery.  I appreciate Kenyon's good-natured, positive attitude, as he is an asset in teaching a greener mindset.  After all, the earth is both green and brown.

t.t.f.n. ~ Carol

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