Sunday, December 22, 2013

we be elfin'

posted by jennifer:

christmas to do list:

 -pen cases for girls

 -gift tags for fullerton stockings

 -skirt for ruby

 -sugar cookies


 -gingerbread cookies

 -gift for auntie joyce

 -pretzel caramel chocolate candies

 -mexican wedding cakes

 -second batch of mexican wedding cakes

 -third batch of mexican wedding cakes

*so tamales are on the docket for monday.  i will be making pork tamales with red chili sauce, chicken tamales with salsa verde sauce, and chili cheese tamales.  enough for christmas eve dinner,  boxing day smorgasbord, and for the freezer for future meals.

*as for the mexican wedding cakes... there are about 6 left from the second batch... and they are my favorite... i am guessing if i don't do it before, then by new years a third batch will be made.

happy elfing to you.

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