Sunday, February 16, 2014

pennies, brussels sprouts, wine with food, and moles

posted by jennifer:

last weekend i went on a getaway to santa barbara with my husband.  we try go on weekend trips a couple of times a year.... and i am extremely fortunate to have family willing and able to watch our brood.   not to mention what a fun time our kids have during our vacation.  it is as much of a break for them, from us, as it is for my husband and i.  sometimes we are not quite as fun as grandma and auntie.  

for us, a weekend away is always worth the money spent.  years ago i made a comparison regarding trips away while talking with a friend.  i look at these trips as marriage/relationship maintenance.   just as it is better to get regular oil changes on your car to avoid having to replace your engine..... it is better to get time alone every now and then... not only is it more economical than marriage counselling or divorce, but it is fun.  marriage maintenance is much more enjoyable than car maintenance methinks.

this past weekend i also learned some new things.  educational as well?!?  do these trips away ever cease to be amazing?

here is what i learned:

*pennies make an awesome building material.  

we went to a restaurant, called the lucky penny,   the building was covered in pennies.  of course it was dark when we were there, and so a picture didn't happen, or i would show you.  however, it is on our to do list now.  we are going to cover the siding on one exterior wall of our house with pennies.  when we do so, i will share it here.    so, so cool.  we can't wait to get started.

*brussels sprouts can be delicious. 

 at another meal out, at the lark. (both lucky penny and the lark are in an area of santa barbara called the funk zone.  i highly recommend both restaurants) the lark had these crispy roasted brussels sprouts that were topped with an asian sauce.  i have never enjoyed brussels sprouts until these.

*while i love wine, i like it more paired with food.   

we went wine tasting, which was a great experience.  we went on a tour which took us into the santa inez valley.  we went to four different wineries/tasting rooms.  my favorite of which was carhartt wines.  the tasting area was on a patio, with a water feature, pepper trees, great furniture all made from oak wine barrels, and good wine.  that was our second stop, and i realized what was missing was food.  and not those little cracker wafer things.... a roasted chicken and vegetables.  or a filet mignon with garlic mashed potatoes.   or a thai chicken pizza.  i really think wine goes better with food.  next time we will do a tasting meal... where wine and food are paired.

*i am a lucky girl.

while i already know this, it becomes clearer when i can actually think for a moment... (did you know that when you are away from your day to day life you can have complete thought after complete thought?)  i feel so happy to live my life.  even when all the blah things try to drag me down, i am going to remind myself how good i have it.  how lucky to live in the time we do (really it is good... even if it doesn't seem like it sometimes) and  how lucky to have people that i love who love me back.

*i shouldn't try to pose all cute like other people.

while on our wine tour, which we were on with one other couple, they asked us to take a picture of them.  she was sitting on a picnic table, legs crossed, all model-ly like and he was standing next to her.  i decided i wanted to steal their pose.  and did.  i think it was a bit forced.  i decided to go with our original picture we had taken... even though i look a bit like a mole who is being blinded by the sun.

here is to pennies, brussels sprouts, wine with food, realizing all the good in your life, and moles.   



  1. Good post Jennifer. The penny siding idea is awesome! Glad you and Ken had such a good time and you learned so much. I love you.

  2. it is going to be pretty awesome when it is done. we are going to do the wall that faces the bbq area. i love you too.

  3. Looks like you hit the jackpot with that trip! Wine goes best with great food, and I'm glad you realize that as well. Of course, it's better to be having both the meal and the drink with families you cherish as well. Nothing can definitely beat that. Hahaha! Thanks for sharing and all the best!

    Irvin Moss @ The Brew Meister