Friday, April 25, 2014

Branson Birthday Surprise

I was a birthday gift for my sister last year!

My niece and nephew-in-law flew me from Southern California to Branson, Missouri, wrapped me up in a box, along with 3 of their 4 children, for a birthday surprise none of us will ever forget.

A Branson vacation, which included my niece's family, her mother-in-law and my sister and her husband, had been in the works for them for a year or more.  My sister would celebrate her 60th birthday during the week they were there.

My niece and nephew-in-law, who are good at cooking up extraordinary memories, asked if I would join them, as their birthday gift to their mother/mother-in-law.  They would pay for my airfare and my lodging.
I accepted the invitation immediately!
The birthday surprise was kept a secret for 6 months.

Missouri was one wonder after another for me.

The magnificent blooming dogwoods.
Green, Spring green, everywhere.
The beauty of Dogwood Canyon.
The lakes.
The visible tornado shelter entrances in people's front yards.
The unexpected snow in May.
The Ozark Mountains.
A night singing thrush.
Seeing a ground hog (in the wild, not in a movie). 

The time I spent with family was beyond measure.
And being able to pull off the surprise for my sister was as sweet as Tupelo honey.

They all live in Texas and drove to Branson.  With perfect timing, I arrived at the Branson Airport as they drove into town.
My sister and her husband were to arrive the day after the rest of us.

We had planned to have me wrapped up in a large box, which was broken down and brought with them for the occasion.  Beyond that, the details of the plan were unsettled.

When the over-sized box was taped back together, their 3 oldest children took to playing in it. While the kids were having a romp in the cardboard box, a plan, as to how to present the "gift", was hatched.

There was concern that their #3 child would spill the beans to her Grandmother upon my sister's arrival and before the "gift" could be presented and opened.

 But what if all 4 of us were in the box?

Then even if #3 talked, while inside the wrapped box, it would just look like the kiddos were in the box for some kind of surprise entertainment created by them for the occasion.

All four of us did fit in the box.  It was cozy, but fun. 
We had a 10 minute warning before the birthday girl arrived in the room.
And this is how it went:

Post script on the surprise:
#3 didn't make a peep while we were all huddled in the box together.
My sister's husband, who didn't know about me being in Branson, was equally surprised.  (He didn't know I would be staying in their condo with them!)
And at the end of the video, you can hear their oldest child saying,
"...enjoy your present all this week".  It was a wonderful 8 days, a year ago this week.  We had a ball.  I loved every minute of my sister's birthday.

t.t.f.n. ~ Carol

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  1. Lovely post Mom. I can not watch that with out crying. :)