Wednesday, April 23, 2014

from the mouths of babes

posted by jennifer:

a conversation with a 5 year old.... from a nonreligious household.

her:  "who is that of picture of?  on that flag."  

i look across the street to our neighbors house.  they have a banner with a picture of jesus hanging up.

me:  "that is jesus.  he was a man who lived thousands of years ago."

her:  "he looks like a girl."

me:  "no he is a man.  some people think that he" ....(here i was going to continue with "is the son of god" ) 

she interrupts:   "that he is a girl?"

i think jesus would have been alright with this...  because even though i don't subscribe to a religion in his name.  i do think he probably was one cool cat.


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