Wednesday, July 2, 2014

3 good things right under my feet

Sometimes a small household management issue will bug me and a solution eludes my searching for an answer or in finding a new purchase.
Then when I'm least expecting it...tap, tap, tap...I look back at my shoulder and there's the answer smiling back at me, having been there all along.

With time and patience the mulberry leaf becomes a silk gown.
                                                                                      Chinese Proverb

Letting the solution come to me, in its own time, has happened 3 times recently.

The first time involved this cherry tomato plant.

Back in the spring this tomato plant was looking healthy, but not at all promising that it was going to bear fruit.  For many weeks we watched for blossoms and none appeared.  As sunny vegetable garden ground is precious dirt around here, this plant was slated to be pulled out.  We thought the plant was deficient in some way, for some reason unknown to us.

(I have a hard time pulling any growing thing out, with the exception of weeds.  I hate thinning seedlings!  Poor little plants yanked out and tossed aside.  It's distressing to see the end of something I had nurtured from seed.)

  Anyway, I was going to remove this plant.  But I ran out of time the day I was going to do the deed. 
Life got busy and I didn't get back to it, and then it just didn't get taken out.

 I picked this lot of cherry tomatoes a few days ago.  And, needless to say, I am so happy that I didn't have time to clear that space and plant something new a few months ago.

#2 thing that solved itself...
The space where our clothes dryer had been was under-utilized for a year.  I put a bookcase there, but I just wasn't feeling the feng shui.
Last week the raccoons were at our pond again.  Duke was digging around in his stock pile of wire looking for a piece to strengthen the cover, when he discovered a cool wire rack that was given to him years ago.

There it was!  Just what I had been looking for, and I didn't even know it until I saw it.

and #3 dilemma solved, without much effort, required only a shift in the location of a picnic table umbrella.

We use our garden swing a lot in the summer.  Last year the large, leafy branch of a loquat tree, that had shaded the swing area, broke off.  This left the swing in the hot afternoon sun.  A split bamboo fencing canopy was a temporary fix, but there were problems with it.  
It came to me that our tilting table umbrella might fill the need and it does.
One thing we like about the new swing shade-maker is that it leaves the sky view open.  This not only enhances the view of clouds, birds, and butterflies and also provides great air circulation.

Paul McCartney's words, Let It Be, are having more and more significance the older I get.

t.t.f.n. ~ Carol

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  1. It is pretty amazing how perfectly that wire rack fits in the old dryer space. And the fang sushi is much better. However, even though the glass dishes were only there for a a couple weeks, I am still going for them!

    Great shot of the umbrella showing the whole yard. Do you still get full-yard shots once in a while? You should do a post of some comparisons of the yard from 20-30 years ago with today. I'd be happy to do some scanning for you...