Tuesday, July 22, 2014

animal odds

a poem by jennifer:

there used to be five
   3 cats 
   2 dogs
back when the children were none.
as the next decade passed, that number came down until there was only one


the number of children has now reached three
the cat met her fate,
live fast and die young
and suddenly, the pets number none.

but all is set to change
in the upcoming days.
each child with it's heart set

  one wants a bird
  one wants a mouse
  one wants a fish

all want a cat....

and i can't help but question the tempting of fate
three pets that one cat could put to an end.

the animal odds show that we are left with
what else, 
but one
uneasy mom.


1 comment:

  1. Lovely. Very E.E. Cummings. Sorry to learn about Callie. As I write this you are enjoying your vacation and I am just back from mine. May you read this home and safe in a few days with a lot of pictures and stories. I love you.