Monday, February 23, 2015

motherhood tourettes

posted by: jennifer

it is
   a crazy morning.

breakfast for three
lunches for two

no work space on the countertop
      cat         ed
       dirty dishes.

should have
would have
   .....but Downton

   wet laundry sits in the washer.

so now,
  random thoughts bubbling to the surface
of my brain
     c att     
                er        d

i yell out 
to no one in particular
or maybe just to me?
                   LITTER BOX!
                                    P.E. CLOTHES!
                EPSOM SALTS!

it is.


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  2. When I first read the name of this poem, I did not connect with the nervous system disorder I believe you were referring first thought was 'little mini tours of motherhood' (tour-ettes, if you will) and I thought it was an excellent poem with a curious ending. Then I realized what you meant.

    Then I further realized they may be one in the same?

    If there were only text equivalent of nervous ticks for you to enhance your poem with. Just think of those piles of laundry and PE clothes and perhaps you will be inspired. You are a great mother, sister and daughter.