Wednesday, April 15, 2015

an achilles heel in the kitchen

a poem by: jennifer

tikki masala, 
  homemade baklava and chicken marsala.

a rich, creamy, tart lemon curd
  and a perfectly roasted thanksgiving bird.

exotic curries,
  a humble stew and a flaky pie crust i can do.

a moist and tender
  (be it slightly lopsided)
      3 tiered wedding  cake...
and yet,
   a complete failure at a simple pancake.

raw in the middle, black on the top
    i try and try, but they are always a flop.

i often concede, and pass the job,
   to the ever successful pancake god.

but when given a request by a sweet, sweet babe,
    i will try again, always their slave.

and surely one day i will serve
   the stack of cakes that they deserve.

but until that day should arrive at my door
  can i offer some pear frangipane or something more?


  1. You made me smile... and hungry!

  2. thank you Max! can i get you something to eat?... just not pancakes.