Sunday, April 12, 2015

Regaining appreciation and feeling groovy

I sometimes hold onto ideas, desires, or dreams too long.
I get in a rut of thinking about something in a single-minded way.
You know, for years.
It was one of these standpoints that I changed my attitude about recently.

When we moved into our house, 45 years ago, the kitchen had just been remodeled.  The built-in oven/cook top, the highly-grained, varnished cabinets, the dropped ceiling and lighting, the brick-look floor tiles and the laminate counter tops were in style, modern, up-to-date.
Oh, so 1970's.

As these things go, the appliances have been replaced, ditto the flooring, sink, and faucet.
Not long ago, the dropped ceiling was raised back up, and redone with tongue and groove boards.  New lights were added.

But the 1970 "Daisy" counter tops still greet me every morning.
"Good morning, flower child".

How many times have I wiped those counters off?  Thousands and thousands, to be sure.
So many times that I've worn the pattern off in high use areas.

Those kitchen counters and I have a lot of history together.
In addition to preparing tons of food, and cleaning up from the making and eating of it, I have:

Bathed my babies on them,
Taught cooking on them,
Arranged flowers,
Rolled cookies,
Kneaded dough on them.
I've used them as a buffet table to serve food,
Taught responsibility using them... "(Fill in the blank with a child's name), it's 
your night to wash dishes."  Moaning and tears follow.
I've canned tomatoes, apricots, frozen boysenberries, green beans, and zucchini on them.
Various science experiments have been conducted on them.
Hot glue has been dotted it.

Yet, in spite of all the memories and many people urging me to NEVER replace the vintage counters, I have been "done" with the pattern and material for years.

The other day I received an advertisement email from Country Living magazine showing a new laminate countertop material from Wilsonart, the very company that made my countertop material.
Always dreaming of replacing the old, I went to the Wilsonart website to window shop.  While there, and out of curiosity, I looked to see if my 45 year old laminate pattern was archived. 
No, it's not.
It is still for sale!

Has this pattern come full circle or did they have so much of it stockpiled they decided to keep selling it until it's all gone?  Whatever it is, seeing it there pushed my thinking out of the trench it had been in.
I came around to appreciate this outdated part of my kitchen once again.

I still love that stunning slab of granite I saw in a Texas kitchen, with its vein of blue running river-like through it.  I love my daughter's butcher block counters.
There are many good looking surfaces to be admired. But mine is unique, and although dated, I think I'd miss it, if it was replaced.

So for now, the best counter tops for me are

"Autumn Lights Daisy" Wilsonart Y0039.

Groovy, huh?

t.t.f.n. ~ Carol

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