Thursday, July 16, 2015

flat bread pizza.... or, on making dinner with what you have

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we had a summer shindig on saturday night.   good company, good vibes, and a good time.

while we didn't have tons of leftovers, we did have among other things two pieces of lavash. so when it came time to figure out dinner on monday this is what i came up with.  flat bread pizza using the lavash.  it turned out wonderful.  

two of the items i used on the pizza came from the day after the party.  you see, neither my husband or myself ate any of the tandoori chicken and veg skewers, or the chicken shawarma wraps on saturday night.  by the time we got to the food table, they were gone. 
 which is good... it means that they were good.  and it also meant that i went and got more chicken shawarma from our local mediterranean market on sunday.   thus, we recreated a bit of our party menu for sunday dinner.   i also made more tandoori marinade, and skewered up some chicken, onions and bell peppers. that took care of sunday's dinner.

monday took advantage of what ever leftovers i had from both saturday and sunday.  and this is what was born.

on the first pizza i used:
  -chicken shawarma
  -greek feta
  -fresh mozzerella
  -onions and garlic sauteed gently in olive oil

on the second pizza:
  -sliced meatballs
  -fresh mozzerella
  -chopped bell peppers and onions (leftover from the grilled skewers)

here is the bread i used.

here are the onions and garlic in olive oil ready to be added.  

i baked the pizza at 425 degrees for about 10 minutes, or until done.  they need to be watched however, because the lavash will start to brown fairly quickly.

happy pizza making!

and cheers!

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