Wednesday, July 8, 2015

the fair

posted by: jennifer

a huge (nervous) smile on her face as she goes airborne
    -just for a bit on the goliath slide.

the sky ride
   a.k.a. the ski lift death trap.
   complete with a woman passed on our descent and her ascent, eyes shut, seemingly 
       saying hail marys.

stalking clowns.
   green hair
   screwdriver in his hands
   music box monkey watching.

seeing the backside of thing one and thing two as they race to the swing ride, 
   squealing as they run.

a vitamix demonstration (a la costco) in the exhibit hall.
  and in the same exhibit hall dozens of people laying on mattresses being sold.

hearing "hey mom" by game booth hecklers as they try to convince me to get swindled...
   er, i mean to play their game.

a 9-11 memorial 
  questions from post 9-11 born children on why mom is crying while looking at a pile of 
   metal debris.  a mom who was taken by surprise by said display.  who didn't think twice 
   when two seconds before she passed by a firefighter standing next to a NYFD uniform...
   and then as she looks at what she is really passing by is completely overwhelmed with 

   and as she is trying to explain her tears,   a group of 20- somethings
   pass behind one loudly announcing "single women.  hot stuff coming through"
   and when she finally turns her head, seeing one of the men from the group 
   carrying a man sized inflatable siracha sauce bottle, there is laughter mixed with the

the ninja knife.

the del mar fair
  (san diego county fair officially)

a bunch of random shit.
thrown together.
wrapped in bacon.
deep fried.
served on a stick.


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