Thursday, October 10, 2013

59 Books and a lot of LOVE

I love libraries.  I love books. Reading a good book aloud to a child is one of my favorite things. I love stories and I love art and a children’s book is quite often rich in both. A trip to our local library means 2 huge book bags full overflowing. I often get comments or funny looks from other patrons when I’m checking out or heaving 2 overfull bags to my car while towing 2 children.  I love that I can let my children choose any books that catch their eye. I love that I can choose any books that catch my eye... Or my heart. And we read them. All. The good ones a few times. Right now we have 59 books checked out. That is a lot for us but we usually average about 30. We also have many books in our own home library. Here are a handful of my favorites this week…    

*Anything by Elisa Kleven is a favorite of mine. The artwork inspires me every time I read one of her books.

*"One night when the moon was full five little mice heard the sound of music carried by the wind..."

*A sweet story about everything going wrong and ending up perfectly.

*A fantastic way to learn about history is through a children's book. 
I cry every time I read this one.

Now, Go to the library! :)

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