Monday, October 21, 2013

Safely transporting liquids

  The out-of-state family I most often visit live
near wine producing regions.
How fortunate for me!
When I travel, my favorite souvenir to bring home is a bottle or 2 of wine.    
(e.g., when I visit my sister, I always bring home a cabernet sauvignon that is sold ONLY in Texas.)

Years ago, I would board the tin can that flies me home,
with my wine purchase in my carry-on bag.
Sadly, those days are gone.
Now my souvenir cab has to be stowed among my favorite
jeans and t-shirts.

Packing bottles of wine in my checked-in luggage causes
a broken bottle would ruin a lot of clothes.

While wine tasting in Paso Robles earlier this year, I
 I saw a bag specifically made for safely
transporting wine.  I squealed with delight.

(Fortunately, my husband and I were the only people in the tasting room,
other than the vintner.
I figured he had heard a whole lot of whooping in his line of work,
probably not over a zip lock bag, lined with absorbent paper.)
(10-22-13 edit: my computer security system shows this web site may be harmful.)

This "Jet Bag" is capable of absorbing 750 ml of liquid.
"It protects your bottles and your garments while traveling."
Simply, put your liquid filled bottle in the bag, bottom first, seal
completely, and place it in your luggage.

Nice man that he was, the wine maker pointed out to me that I could
pack wine bottles with the same effectiveness using
disposable diapers and a large zip lock bag.

Still I bought the real deal.

I have used my "Jet Bag" twice 
happily, I haven't had to test how well it absorbs.

I do have greater peace of mind 
about packing wine now,
I can concentrate my concerns on other things,
the improbability of an airplane staying up in the sky.


t.t.f.n. ~ Carol

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