Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Grand Adventures Await You in A Little Book...

This piece was created for a very special event.   

“More than 150 professional artists donate hand-crafted miniature masterpieces. The All the Arts for All the Kids Foundation throws one of the community's most well known parties which is attended by over 500 supporters - people who believe passionately in arts education. They bid on and take home these tiny treasures and all proceeds generated help provide teacher arts grants and lessons in “All the Arts for All the Kids." 
It is this organization’s passionate belief that the arts are the birthright of every child, and as such, the Foundation champions the arts in the Fullerton School District. We enthusiastically raise funds which are used exclusively to supplement the District’s ongoing arts programs.
This grass roots community effort is staffed solely by volunteers, so that all proceeds go directly to the children in every school in the District.” -

Pictured is my contribution for the 20th annual Pin Auction  titled Little Book. It was made from a small blank book, book pages, gold thread, a wooden box lid, sticks, and paint. I am honored to be part of the event.  

A whale, A lizard (who started out as a dragon), A girl with an umbrella, a man with a top hat, 6 stars, a puffy cloud, a crescent moon, a hummingbird, a song bird, a dragonfly, 2 musical notes, a butterfly, a fish and an octopus.  All materializing out of this little book.

                                        XO, April            


  1. Awesome, April! You're in their photo gallery...

    Did it sell?

    1. Thanks David. I looked through the pictures and with some looking closely, I think it had a couple of bids. Usually they send something out after the event to say who purchased your work. I hope so! :)