Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A serendipitous walk

I love to go on walks
do so about 350 days a year.

The trail I most often
briskly tread is near our house,
this last week found me walking in
the hill country of Texas,
while visiting my sister and her husband.

 As I started off along the rural road,
that first morning,
I was surprised to see wildflowers blooming,
not just one or two,
sporadically hanging on,
but a roadside garland of great variety.
It is, after all, October and not spring time,
when such beauty might be expected.

Along the 3 mile loop of country roads,
that circle my sister's home, I spied,
with my little eye,
18 different species of wildflowers.

Here are some of the jewels.

 Mexican hat 

 Maximilian sunflower

Summer Gayfeather

 Black foot daisy

Buffalo bur 


 One beauty that I saw on that first walk, (when I 
didn't carry my camera and that I couldn't find again
to photograph), was the clue to why all those flowers
were blooming in October.

It was a Rainlily.

Central Texas had had a lot of rain
six weeks prior to my trip.

In addition to the wildflowers, on that one walk, I found
a large feather,
and a 5 dollar bill on the road.
A very fortuitous walk, indeed.

Who says exercise is monotonous?
Go for a walk
and see what surprises you!

t.t.f.n. ~ Carol

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