Monday, November 18, 2013

Shared ownership of a piece of magic

As Mr. Roger's sang, there are many ways to say I love you.  There are also many ways to stay connected to the people you hold dear:  phoning, texting, sending a card or letter, Facebook, Twitter, or by exchanging an item back and forth.  This back and forth of an object of any sort, turns into a meeting of hearts in a playful  place.

 This game seems to begin in some mysterious, spontaneous fashion.  I am currently enjoying such a 
go-between with my 4 year old granddaughter.

During the summer, Ruby found a key chain that has a broken hi-heel shoe charm on it.  In its broken state, it looks somewhat like a bejeweled duck-head, instead of a shoe.  It is a conversation piece to be sure.


Ruby gave me this dear-to-her, studded, treasure a couple months ago.  I put it on my key chain in appreciation of her sweetness.  She often takes note of it being there and is always visibly pleased to see it is still there.

About 3 weeks ago she was looking at the hi-heel-duck head longingly and so I gave it back to her "for awhile".  Then last week I was caring for Wyatt and Ruby and before I left to come home, Ruby handed the mutated bauble to me saying, "Your turn".  My heart is still in a melted state.

This got me to thinking about things that boomerang between 2 people and how fun it is.  It creates a special bond to be on such a merry go round with someone.

When I was 5,6,7,8 (?) my Grandmother and I exchanged the same birthday card for years.  I was sad when this greeting card got "misplaced" --perhaps when we moved to Florida--during my keeping of it.  We never started up another back and forth card.  I wish we had.

Mike and I used to have a small, plastic alligator that went to-and-fro between us.  I would open a drawer or box or be shifting through a stack of papers and find that green alligator awaiting my discovery.  Awaiting to deliver the message that the person who hid it there, loves me in a playful way.

I worked with 2 women who, for years schemed surprise-findings-of a piece of string for each other. One time, it spun out of a roll of toilet paper.

My daughters have a top shell, named Toppy, that travels between Lakeside and Fullerton.

A friend of mine and I have a "hospitality angel" that moves between our homes.  (I'd take a photo of this statuette, but she's residing in Temecula currently.)

The start up of one of these games is unplanned and I suppose its finish is as well. I hope to walk across such a bridge, where hearts cross happily, with each of my grandchildren at some point in time.  I'm just waiting for that magic moment when some trinket catches us on a seesaw ride.  This magnetism cannot be contrived.  It has to be waited on, but it's so sweet when it arrives.

t.t.f.n. ~ Carol

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