Wednesday, November 27, 2013

turkey graffiti....

...and other forms of artistic expression i am thankful for

posted by jennifer:

first off, did you know the singular form of graffiti is graffito?  i just read that in the dictionary. who knew.  and yes, i looked up graffiti, just to be sure.  this coming from the girl who misspelled tomorrow (i am still catching myself writing tomarrow) until a few months ago.  thank you april.   so, ya know, i have to be sure sometimes. 

my children,  like myself get into holidays.  they are more consistent in every holiday getting a fair amount of attention, where i tend to go all out for christmas.   the other holidays just get a bone thrown at them.  but in this case a very nice t-bone steak bone i have to say.

on this note, they have been creating in the spirit of the season.   i thought i would share some of these creations.

the first is a collaboration.   they did the artwork... at least most of it that went into my turkey feather garland.  i got the idea from one of my favorite  bloggers: .  i used artwork that they had left lying around... so i figured it was fair game... they begged to differ on a few pieces, but it is a lesson.   if it is important to you, put it in your room.  if it is in a pile (look at all those little words in a row... if it is in a ) in the living room it may end up in the recycling bin or in this case transformed into a beautiful turkey feather garland.  i stamped the letters to spell out: eat, drink, and be merry on muslin with brown acrylic and then just strung them up along with the feathers.   i love it.  

these beautiful creatures were made about 2 weeks ago. my older two came in from the backyard with these.  so clever i thought.  they used apples from our tree, and feathers from our molting chickens. 

my daughter emma likes to use charcoal to draw pictures on one of our retaining walls.  this was done yesterday i believe.   i love beautiful graffiti.   not the random tagging with just a name.  but when graffiti artists really put themselves into it.  i  love driving through parts of l.a. and downtown san diego .... or when riding the train from san diego to orange county... and seeing the graffiti.  i think i may have to get some spray paint for emma and let her at the walls in the backyard with something more permanent.  hmmm.  

and lastly.  this is a sneak peek.  my next post will go more into how  i made a table covering for thanksgiving.  i used brown butcher paper, chalkboard paint and colorful chalk. the kids helped naturally.  i want to wait to show you until it is all put together.  but it is a good one methinks.

have a wonderful thanksgiving.  i hope you have your share of turkey graffiti to  enjoy. cheers!

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