Friday, November 1, 2013

the gateway holiday

posted by jennifer

i can't tell you how happy i am that it is november 1st.  we are past halloween.  i try to like it for the kids.  and my husband likes it...  but there are just not many draws for me.

i love creating, and have made a few, i must say, awesome costumes in my day.  i still am
impressed when i look at the giant red squid costume i made for ryan two years ago.  however, in general, halloween costumes are just such a creative let down for me. 

then there is carving pumpkins.  i love the ritual (i think i do.... or do i?) of heading to the lawn to carve the pumpkins  (that will be fuzzy with mold in our balmy southern California weather in 2 days.)  there is nothing like reaching into a pumpkin to scoop out it's innards and having orange goo stuck to your arm hairs.  i love the pull when it starts to dry.  as a side note:  once when i was about 12 or 13 i decided i should maybe shave my arms.  i didn't do the whole thing just a test patch... until i heard that the hair would grow back thicker and darker.  i am now at ease with my downy feathers on my wings.  but anyways, i don't do any carving now.   but i am responsible for gathering the pumpkin seeds to clean and roast.  but i did wear vinyl gloves, and i think i had the same face i do when removing the treasures inside a turkey before roasting it on thanksgiving.

then there is the whole concept of begging door to door for candy.  ugh?!? i don't know who came up with this idea.  a kid i guess.  and i know i loved it back in the day.  right mom?

and mom, did you love halloween then are much as i do now?   i can honestly say that i don't remember you carving a pumpkin once. hmmm.  

now we just have to get through the candy negotiations.  that will last for the next  couple of weeks.  and will start at sunrise.  and not end until sunset. 

you know..... them:  "mom.  can i have some candy?"
                        me: "after you eat something healthy."
                        them: "what can i have?"
                        me: "the regular.  fruit, a carrot, yogurt, cheese."
                        them: (after the healthy food) "how much can i have?"
                        me: (internal thoughts) i really want to say the whole damn bag so that i can
                                    be done with the incessant line of questioning. i hate halloween.
                        me: (what i actually say) "3 or 4 pieces depending on how big they are"
                        me: (internal thoughts) ugh!  why?  tell them one number so the discussion
                                      could be over
                         them: "would this (pointing to a small pile of candy) be alright?"

anyway, these candy naa-go-she-ations (said in the style of priceline negotiator... you know the commercials with will shatner)  go on longer than i want to think of right now.  because they have already begun.  and i am living it.  and i don't want to think about it.  even though i am writing it.  and i am getting more and more irritated as i do.

but.... on a positive note.   it is november!  thanksgiving (my second favorite holiday after christmas) is coming and right around the bend is my favorite holiday.  so, i can appreciate halloween if for nothing else.... that it is the gateway holiday.

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