Friday, November 15, 2013

"shut up, i'm busy making my life perfect".... and other musings

posted by jennifer:

i have always saved..... not lives, or money (at least not much) but i have always saved clippings, quotes, notes, pictures, inspirations,  recipes. 

 i remember when my dad put in a wall size bulletin board in my bedroom growing up.  i loved it.  i loved having a place to tack all of my saved ephemera... all of those things that at that point in my life were so important to me. 

i thought it would be fun to share some of the things that are on my wall now.  these pictures were taken in my art room... in our basement garage.   my own little corner... at least mostly.

i don't think that this picture needs much explanation.  my now 11 year old daughter gave it to me when she was around 5.  i love it.

the title piece of this post.  i don't remember the context of when this was said.  i do know that i was on the phone with my sister april and said this.  i remember how we cracked up about it.  it really is so silly.  but come on.   it is awfully funny right?  oh, and by the way, that tack is one that graced my original wall size bulletin board when i was young.  yep.  still have it. 

so, i am a bit of a addict of bravo reality t.v.  and i have been slowly weaning myself off of the real housewives, but it still calls to me i must admit.  anyway.  back in the day, april and i were totally into it.  especially the real housewives of orange county.  i mean really. april is a real housewife of o.c.  and so is our mom. 
we were so excited about the season premiere that april sent me a pound of see's candy to have on hand for the occasion.  what a friend.  isn't it lucky that my two best friends just so happen to be my sister and my mom?....  i know right?

i love these two pictures.  side by side.  i love them because i think that the resemblance between my grandma taylor and myself is so clear.  i never did know my dad's mom as much as i did my mom's mom... but this picture makes me smile... and feel connected.  you know.

i love this quote.  i used it on the birthday card invitations for my 40th.  fun times.

this picture i took out of the san diego union tribune years ago.  i love it.  i think someday it will find a place in a mixed media piece.  that kid looks like one cool cat.

 thomas jefferson.  i really like so many quotes of his.  he seems like my kind of guy.  of all the founding fathers i think he is the one i would want to have dinner with.  simple bacon of course!

aren't these necklaces beautiful?  i don't really wear much jewelry. only my wedding ring, and my one ear piercing on my left ear.  i had the piercing done probably 12 years ago.  i have never taken it out.  i wonder if i ever will? 
but i really like these necklaces. i think i might need to try and make one.  

baby blues.  i loved this comic strip for many years.  we don't get the paper anymore... and i can't be bothered to read comics online... but these comics almost always hit home.

guess who is back.  my man t.j.  that is thomas jefferson. another great quote.

i love, love, love this picture.  i am talking to april on the phone here.  it is not uncommon for my babies to follow me around.  as they did before this picture was taken.  but what i like so much about this picture is how i look so calm.  even in the chaos surrounding me.  the eye of the storm is me.

and lastly. this is a quote from the book loving frank by nancy horan.  i really feel this way about my children. 
oh, and the writing looks so wonky because that wall is very rough, and bumpy.  but, i do not think i should be a professional wall writer.  i don't think i would have very happy clients.

well.  that is all for this round.  have a wonderful weekend.  cheers!

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