Friday, January 31, 2014

introspection on a new pair of shoes

posted by jennifer:

yesterday morning, while doing a frantic search for a pair of missing shoes.... and realizing we only had one pair of school shoes  for maya.... i decided we needed a second pair. 

i already had in my mind that i would be taking emma out to buy shoes, before her big toe completely broke through....  so the three of us girls went out yesterday.

maya immediately was drawn to a pair of twinkle toe shoes.... light up shoes.  she tried a pair on, and loved them.  now, i usually shy away from these kinds of shoes.  in fact, i am not sure if any of my kids ever have had a pair.   but the pure joy on her face.  i knew that i was going to cave.

once they were on her feet, they didn't come off, until we were home.

now, this isn't to say that once i decided she could have them i stopped thinking about it.  as she was putting the first shoe on i was already thinking "her teacher is going to hate me".... and i made sure i reminded her about lilly's purple plastic purse  and how mr. slinger didn't
like when lilly was disrupting the class with her purple plastic purse, her movie star sunglasses, and her three shiny quarters.

about 3 minutes later, still thinking are these okay for school?, i asked emma, did kids wear light up shoes to school in elementary?  "yes,  mom".

elapsed time as emma looks and and tries on shoes.....

about 15 minutes later, while in the oh, so clean bathroom at the shoe store... maya still in her twinkle toes.... internal thought "what if i decide she can't have these... and now they have been walking on this dirty floor"  like i would really tell her no at this point... what do i take myself for?

about 1 hour later.... at home.   internal thought "what in sam hill was i thinking? these things are going to give me a seizure.  oh, i hope that they don't give her a seizure"  vocalized thought... "maya don't look at the lights too much.  they might hurt your eyes".

about 15 hours later... in the girls darkened room.  going with maya to wake up emma.  (maya wearing only one of said shoes).... internal thought "ha!  i bet wanted criminals would get nervous to be woken up by someone wearing these".... red and blue lights.... dancing across the room.

about 15 hours 5 minutes later.  "mom, i can't find my other shoe"

about 15 hours 5 minutes 2 seconds later.  internal thought "hmm.   is this a good thing or a bad thing?"

well, i guess i should go and help maya find her other shoe.  but i think when we do find it i am going to be sure to go on a rant about how we are not going to be buying light up shoes again.    but no worries, i will find other things to overthink about.


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