Sunday, January 5, 2014

seen and heard on my street: a gorilla and the devil??

posted by jennifer:

seen:  a gorilla.   do you see it in the face of the mountain?  above and to the left of the blue water tank.  it takes over about a quarter of the mountain face in this picture.  i hadn't ever known about it until a neighbor told me about it a year ago.  and now i point it out to whoever will listen. 

heard: crazy talk.  a man walking about 10 yards behind his wife (i think) pushing a stroller:
 "i can't wait to get the evil eye on my arm, then i will look like the devil for real."
a pause....... and then:
 "how can you walk so fast"

hmmm.  i wonder how his evil eye tattoo came out.  lucky woman, no?


  1. I see it! And it looks like there is a circle surrounding it. ~ cat

  2. That's the gorillas shoulders/arms! It is really the entire gorilla. Cool huh?