Monday, January 20, 2014

wearing nature's bangles

posted by jennifer:

my daughters have always loved creating adornments from what they find in nature. 

- a wreath for the head made from woven ivy and decorated with flowers

-a simple ring made from a single nasturtium flower

-a daisy chain bracelet

yesterday morning they came in from the backyard wearing these beautiful bracelets. the materials used to create these works of art included: dried ficus berries, apple blossom ice plant, nasturtiums, and small waxy white flowers.  the tree/shrub that these flowers are from is a volunteer in our yard...and i don't know what it is.  i do know that our neighbor offered to have her son come cut it down years ago.  i guess she doesn't like it much.  it doesn't block any view other than into our yard....hmmm.  we declined her offer. 

how happy it makes me to have flowery/shrubby trees pop up in my yard without an invitation.

and how happy it makes me to see these statement pieces on my beautiful girls. 


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