Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Lighthouses and January

It is January and I am thinking about lighthouses. Not so much the structure or the mechanics of a lighthouse -although that is interesting… More so I am thinking as I drive home from the grocery store about what they can symbolize, as I’m on a walk…about the people who kept them long ago, and very often about the mysteries of the ocean. You know…The really big things.

Why am I thinking about lighthouses? The book I am reading right now, 
The Light Between Oceans takes place on an island where the main character is a lighthouse keeper. And, the book I am reading aloud to my 7 year old is Moominpappa at Sea. Have you read a Moomin book? They are my favorite chapter books for children…magical and beautifully written and thought provoking. The Moomin family moves to a lighthouse on a tiny island and have many adventures.

I recommend both books.

Following is a passage from The Light Between Oceans. The characters live on Janus- an island a half day’s journey from the coast of Australia......

        “You know Janus is where the word January comes from? It’s named after the same god as this island. He’s got two faces, back to back. Pretty ugly fellow.”
“What’s he the god of?
“Doorways. Always looking both ways, torn between two ways of seeing things. 
January looks forward to the new year and back to the old year. He sees past and future. And the island looks in the direction of two different oceans, down to the South Pole and up to the Equator.”            

Here’s to thinking forward to a new year and remembering the past and to not forgetting to contemplate the important things.

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* And if you want to visit a lighthouse.... 



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