Friday, March 14, 2014

a frugal and fabulous way to frame fine art

posted by jennifer:


about a year ago i found a fun way to frame art.  traditionally, when i have bought, or been gifted with art, i have had frames made.  while these are lovely, and i am perfectly happy with these frames... it is expensive.  like, way more than the prints themselves.   however, i usually don't like the empty frames available in the box stores.  so i would suck it up and pay up.

then, my beautiful sister bought me a print i had marked as a favorite on etsy.  it was done by artist cathy mcmurray.

i was struck with inspiration.  

i frequent estate sales.  years ago, i went to an estate sale where among other treasures, i found a old print in a great frame.  the picture itself, while nice, was a bit washed out, and it never made it up on my wall.  

i decided i would use the estate sale find as a mat and frame for my newly acquired art print. i loved the results.

and i probably paid one dollar for the frame with artwork at the estate sale.  

while i love my professionally framed art, i think that this one stands out from the rest.  my eyes are peeled for another vintage framed piece of art that i will have on hand the next time i need something framed.


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