Tuesday, March 4, 2014

i am not religious, but i think my oven may be jewish

posted by jennifer:

i am not a religious girl.  however, if you were to look around my home, you may not be entirely convinced.

i find myself drawn to religious articles... especially buddha statues.  and this past christmas my lovely husband bought me a small ganesha statue.  

i have a church pew that the same lovely husband rescued for me.  he was at a party....at the home of a guy.... (20+ years our elder) who was having a bonfire... burning church pews.  his home was on a piece of property previously owned by a church.  my husband convinced him to spare one of the pews for me.   

so despite the fact that i do not subscribe to a religion, i do find beauty in many symbols of many religions.   

until friday however, i have never experienced an inanimate object in my home practicing it's own religious doctrine.  after a power outage due to a rain storm, my oven display read Sab.
this i took for a error. then upon researching it, i discovered that my oven had put itself in sabbath mode.  

who knew?  

oy vey!  and cheers!

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