Saturday, March 8, 2014

gifting your talent. part duex

posted by jennifer:

i tend to be that mother that doesn't accept the invitation to every party that my children... or myself for that matter are invited to.  for me it is probably due to being a touch of an introvert.  

as far as birthday party invitations for classmates, it is mostly due to the fact that i don't feel like a birthday party has to include everyone.  i think it is much more special if a child invites a few friends.  

that said, when my daughter maya was invited to a classmates birthday party, i told her mother yes,  we would be there.  maya has talked about this friend since day one of school.  i knew her brothers name, and what they played at recess...and i like the mom, which is a bonus methinks.

so, i checked my gift box... and didn't see anything that i thought was a good fit.  my first impulse was to go to target.  but then i thought to myself "jennifer, instead of spending $25 dollars at the store, make something woman!"

so i did.

i have been meaning to start making tote bags for the younger set.  mainly little girls, because, i am sorry, but they are funner to sew for.  at least that is the way my creative brain is wired.

this was a good kick in the pants, and i will be making more to list in my etsy shop  have you checked it out yet?? 

here's what i came up with.  it turned out so cute, and i don't think i would ever find a bag like this at target.


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