Saturday, March 22, 2014

a new purpose found...under the gazebo

posted by jennifer:

i am a collector or random objects.   if i am attracted to something it comes home with me... well, if it is to be had; if it is free or at least close to it; and if i can physically move it.

sometimes it is a leaf i found on the ground. 
sometimes it is a sweet score on some glasses from an estate sale.
sometimes it is a piece of rusty metal.

i was cleaning up under the gazebo and noticed that many objects that have found their home there are just this type of find.

that cool rusty ring?  it came out of the ocean in laguna beach.  i remember clearly the look on this woman's face as i took it out of the breakwater.  like she either thought i was stealing something...or that i was insane... i am not sure.

the stand that the metal star is hung on?  a garage sale 15 years or so ago.  i am sure i paid only $2.00 for it.  i think it was intended to be used for a bird cage.  

the glass light shades?  both garage sale scores.  all i did was added some wire and beads so that i could hang them.  they look great with a tealight added in the evening.

even the chairs were a sweet target 75% off clearance find.  i think i have had them for about 5 years. all i did was add some fabric to spruce them up.  the canvas was looking a little sad and washing wasn't doing the trick any longer. 

when they are all put together.... along with the apple crate table and the spray painted silver plated tray,  all of these random things come together quite nicely methinks.  

all that is missing is a refreshing drink.


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