Sunday, June 15, 2014

feeling artsy? things are looking up.

posted by jennifer:

in my home, i look at many areas as blank canvases.  a spot of real estate to be touched with a bit of beauty.

because i look through such a lens... a lens that is often wondering what i can do to add a bit of life and color, a few of my ceilings have been graced with art.   while two of the ceilings have just a touch or two, one of them is completely covered.  

the first pictures are of the ceiling above our bed.  all i did was paint a moon, and some stars.   i then cut letters out of gold foil.  then i just used tacky glue to adhere them onto the ceiling.  i did this ceiling about 10 years ago, and once i have had to break out the glue and fix some peeling letters.  easy peasy.

the next pictures were taken in our hallway.   this was a bit of leap.  not only because of the ceiling, but more the wall color.    red, with just a hint of a pinkish/orange ting.  i still love it. and it has been, oh, i am terrible with time... maybe 8 years??

the only reason i remember how long ago, the ceiling in our room was done is because i had my now 11 year old contained in the hallway by way of child proof gates when i was working on the room.... so i could see her/she could see me... but she would prevented from joining me up on the ladder.  she always has been a climber.   she was close to a year old at the time.

the hallway ceiling is a stunner.  but, full disclosure..... it has taken much more maintenance.  it may be because it is so close to the bathroom, and the steam from a family of five taking showers and baths hit the ceiling on such a regular basis (can you see the bubbling on some of the surfaces?)... or maybe i just didn't prep the surface correctly...well let's be honest, i doubt i did any prep work.  but for whatever the reason, it needs annual care.

when i did the ceiling initially, i used modge podge, and had the entire area covered with pieces of origami paper as well as pages from books, and other random scraps of paper.

about two years later, when doing my annual maintenance work, i decided to make some changes.  i added some fabric panels... fabric stretched over pieces of foam board, i added some family photographs, and whatever bits and pieces i fancied at the time.  the piece of fabric of the madonna, covers the access panel to the attic.   i admired a curtain at the home of one of my book club friends, and she gifted me with a piece of the fabric she had used to make the curtain.  i knew she would appreciate it being added to the ceiling, since she is an admirer of my hallway.

i guess the good thing about the hallway ceiling needed work every year, is that i can add new pieces to it when i am working on it.   an evolving piece of art....

things are looking up.


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