Thursday, June 5, 2014

the honeymoon must be over

posted by:  jennifer

so you may recall that a several months ago i discovered my oven was jewish.  being as it had put itself in sabbath mode (okay...maybe i pushed some random buttons in a frustrated fit... it happens sometimes... but if i did it was an accident) but back to the story.   we had a power outage several months ago.  when the power came back on, my oven was in sabbath mode, and i couldn't turn it on. i thought that i was going to have to pay some guy a $70 service call to undo whatever i had done.  that is reverse the buttons pushed in a hypothetical fit of frustration.   well, we had the repairman out, and it turns out that when the power came back on it fried the circuit boards... it could be repaired, for the low, low price of $670.00. 

 so good news.    i didn't spend a repairman $70 to right my wrong.... i paid a repairman $70 to tell me it was time to buy a new range.

i decided to buy a range that did not have any electronics on it.... no light, no clock, no electronic ignition. all of which means that it can be used during a power outage.  and no circuit boards that can fry during a power surge.   we bought a premier bck100op freestanding gas range.  i am very happy with it.  i ended up buying an oven thermometer so i could see how accurate it is.  it is quite accurate.  i have had to train myself not to look to the oven display to check the time... there is no oven display, but i have finally learned.  and  i am really liking the white porcelain. so shiny and bright. 

you see, for the first couple of months i was doing a very good job cleaning it daily... or as needed.  but as i looked at it today, reality set in, and  i think that the honeymoon period may just be over.


well, i think i should head into the kitchen... grab the comet and see if i can't put some shine back into this relationship.  


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