Sunday, June 22, 2014

practical beauty....or how to scatter joy

posted by:  jennifer

for the last, oh i don't know, year or two, i have been meaning to make a new curtain for our kitchen.  the one i had hanging was a temporary one, a rather sad piece of fabric with a quick pocket sewn into top that the bent tension rod went through... and due to the fact that the tension rod was bent, the whole thing was known to fall down here and there.  all very encouraging things when you feel like you are on top of very little in your life.

but a couple of weeks ago i decided to stop lamenting about this and do something.

i knew i wanted to make a window covering  that had some applique work, including a quote of some sort.  

and this is what i ended up with:

i am quite pleased with it.  how nice to smile when i look at the kitchen window... very refreshing after years of cringing when looking at the same window.

i love doing applique work.   i always use wonder under.  it is a iron on fusing.  (my grandma gave me a yard of it many moons ago, when she gave me a sewing basket for christmas.  i still have the scissors she gave me, and i have been an under wonder fan ever since.)  i tend to also sew around the edges of what ever i have ironed on.  i like the look of the stitching, and it also makes it all the more secure.

for this piece i used a vintage linen i found at an estate sale, hand cut felt letters, a few butterflies, a bird, some ribbon, and some vintage lace gifted to me by my husbands paternal grandma (she has let me at her fabric room....glad to know that her stash will be used.  lucky me!)

the quote i chose is by ralph waldo emerson.  scatter joy.    i like it.  it is simple, and i feel that this is what this curtain does to this corner of the house.   it scatters a little joy that makes me smile.

a smile that lasts until i look down at my nasty kitchen floor.  but between you and me, i have a new bee in my bonnet.   and let's just say, that i predict that in the next week or so the floor in my kitchen will be bringing a smile to my face as well.  wish me luck at home depot today!


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