Monday, June 2, 2014

no worries, doll

posted by:  jennifer

i know, i know.... just last week i posted a list of 99 worries and now here i am with this post.  this is the life inside my head.   and anyway,  this really is a remedy for those pesky worries we all get... especially those young people in our lives who are worried about having a bad dream, or are afraid of the dark, maybe about an upcoming event at school.

the other day maya was telling me she didn't like to go to bed because she was afraid she would have a bad dream.  we talked about it, and then i remembered something i had done for emma when she was close to the same age.   

i had worry dolls when i was young, and so i thought i would get some for emma... this was back oh, 5 years + ago.  and when i looked into getting some, i was unimpressed.  they were so not cute.  i decided to make some for her.  she loved them... especially after she added eyes and a mouth to each of them... i hadn't,  and she likes things to have a face.  

so the other day, when i decided that maybe worry dolls might help maya, i decided to make her a set of them.   i thought i would share how i did it.

they can be as simple or elaborate as you care to make them.  mine have a basic body, and fancy attire.  the thing to remember is to think small.   i gave 5 to maya, and they all fit into a small ginger mint tin. the size of an altoids tin.  oh, and also, try not to spend any money on the project.  i used sticks from the yard for the bodies, and scraps of ribbon/trim/lace for their dresses. i used embroidery floss wrapped around the stick and glued down for the tops. and check out the hairdo on the one in the white dress.  a small tassel makes a great bouffant.   

sweet dreams baby girl....

and cheers!


  1. Now, if THAT is not just the neatest thing?!?

  2. fun huh? for some reason they work for my girls... they just tuck one under their pillow each night for each worry they have, and the dolls help get them through the night. but the youngest might still end up in our bed. :) -jennifer