Tuesday, May 6, 2014

eat dirt... you.....you gummy worm!

posted by jennifer:

a few weeks back i took my girls out to do some needed shopping.  i decided that to make an evening of it and take them out to dinner.   my oldest wanted to go to mimi's... mostly because of the dirt pudding on the kids menu.   this is how she convinced my youngest that we should go there.    i was pulling for chipotle.  

the cheese stands alone.

well, dirt pudding is no longer on the menu.  and i was unimpressed with my crepes.  and maya still hadn't experienced dirt you can eat.

until a couple weeks later when these appeared on our menu.  

here's how:
   chocolate pudding.   i must strongly suggest you make it from scratch.  it is easy, chances 
        are you have all the ingredients on hand, and it blows the competition out of the water.
        i don't remember the source of my recipe... but there are plenty out there to choose 
    after the pudding is ready, divide it up in your serving dishes, and allow to cool.  i
        happened to have these buffalo china mugs with a green rim.   doesn't it have a spring 
        grass feel?   

   after the pudding is cool, add a few gummy worms.   only three out of the five in our home
        had worms peeking out.  and for that matter, one was complete after the pudding was 
        cool.  this girl likes her pudding straight up.

  for the dirt i used chocolate sandwich cookies.  i scraped out the frosting (and much to my 
       children's horror) tossed it.  i just put them in a ziploc bag and then crushed them with
       a rolling pin.

  sprinkle the dirt on the pudding.   if you have a 5 year old around, i am fairly sure you can
       plan on having a helper.... with both the dirt and the worms.   

that's about it.  the dirt pudding was a hit.   mimi's can eat dirt... okay well that is a little strong, but what if it is chocolate dirt?  does that make it less harsh?  methinks it does. 

 and by the way,  next time mama is going to get her way with chipotle. 



  1. Oh, I love this! My mom used to make a dirt cake...it was pretty much exactly like this but she'd get a plastic planter and a fake flower, throw in the dirt cake, stick in the fake flower and there you go. It was always a hit.

    Shoulda called. I'll do Chipotle ANYTIME!!

    (So glad you visited me because that made me visit you and well, now I gotta find me some gummy worms!)


  2. next time i have chipotle i'll think of you :) hope you got your gummy worms.