Sunday, May 25, 2014

that's my drink. i'm a frog. bingo!

posted by jennifer:

because it is memorial day weekend, and because summer is right around the corner, and seeing as it is the season to entertain... i thought i would share some drink marker ideas i have come up with. 

one of them i love, love, loved the most, until i had a eureka moment with the second.  the second are my new love, but they are both worthy.

the first are markers that are made by attaching a name tag on a bamboo knotted pick.  the picks  i used are 4 inches long.  all i did was cut small pieces of card stock, added a rivet, and then attached the name tag to the pick with a piece of heavy weight embroidery floss.  you can then skewer it through a piece of fruit or other garnish on your glass:  
  -a lime wedge on a margarita
  -a lemon wedge and sprig of mint on a glass of iced tea
  -a orange slice and cherry on a mai tai or fruit punch
  -a small slice of pineapple and a cherry on a pina colada

my new loves however, are markers made using loteria cards.   that is, bingo cards from mexico.  all i did was cut one of the cards so i had several small pieces...that way each guest could pick if they are:
  el borracho (the drunk)
  la pera (the pear)
  el venado (the deer)
  la sirena (the mermaid)
fun, and they so colorful and unique methinks.

these i have used on the bamboo picks as i did with the card stock name tags.... and also i have tied them to the stem of a wine glass.   

another idea.... which i know is old news.. but is good... i froze about an inch of water, along with a slice of lemon and a bit of mint in the bottom of a mason jar.  this works well for iced tea.   you could also freeze a slice of lime in the water.. or a sprig of thyme... a edible flower (lavender, nasturtium, pansy to name a few)...  you can make the drinks you serve as festive and as beautiful as your gathering.

happy summer....(almost)


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