Friday, September 27, 2013

a candid snapshot.... of the piano

posted by jennifer

we have a beautiful antique piano. it was my grandma taylor's... my dads mom. at one point, it was at my childhood home. mom and i both took lessons on it in the early 80's.... and at this point i don't think i could play chopsticks on demand.

in a roundabout way, it ended up in close to my home, in the san diego area. years ago, it was offered to me, and i accepted.

it is most frequently played by my oldest child emma. not formally, but she picks things up by ear quite easily and often plays, and as i write this rough draft, which is now my final draft... my daughter maya is playing. so there. it is used as times.

but it can also be a handy flat surface. this is what you would see on my piano this week.

propped up where some people might put their sheet music, is a page i made for maya yesterday. she hasn't quite got the alphabet down yet, and i had seen a book where the alphabet was written out with each line ending where there is a pause when singing the abc's. simple and brilliant. so i gathered my alpha stickers and a piece of cardstock and there you go.

there are also five generous servings of homemade pudding... like real real homemade. i had milk that had to be used, and recipes to try. the chocolate pudding was super easy. i think it was a tyler florence recipe. i also made butterscotch pudding. it was a little more tricky than the chocolate. i almost burned the caramel when my sister april called... if i hadn't been trying to multi-multitask, there probably would have been zero hiccups.

a package to be returned to costco. i ordered some new "yoga" pants... the weather is cooling a bit, and i need to revamp my cool weather casual wardrobe. yoga pants/tee's/sweater. this is not to be confused with my cool weather fancy clothes. jeans/tee's/sweater. unfortunately, the pants had a strong off putting smell... which i was willing to deal with by airing them out, because they fit so well. but then i went to the full length mirror, and um, hello. major camel toe action. this i cannot deal with.

also, there are some random torn books and broken toys. i picked them up from the fix-it basket at maya's preschool. i'm a handy girl, so ya know.
lastly,a basket of fabrics and notions that will be brought to life in the form of tote bags. i hope to have this batch listed in my etsy shop in the next week. check them out at  i have been feeling so inspired lately with design and projects, that it's a wonder i made the time to make that pudding.... but later tonight, when i am getting the hunkering for something tasty, i am going to be glad i did. cheers!

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