Friday, September 13, 2013

gifting your talent

posted by jennifer

i recently went to a wedding and was faced with the gift question.  it was a friend from my bookclub, and us fellow bookclub women had already showered her with gifts.  so when i was thinking of the wedding gift i didn't want to go empty handed, but yet since i had already given a material gift, i wanted to do something different.  

i decided to gift one of my talents.  and that translated into a certificate for a dinner that i would make and deliver.   in our bookclub we rotate who hosts, and at one of the past bookclubs i had hosted, i made a butternut squash lasagna (courtesy of martha stewart) that had been very well received.  in fact, the said bride had mentioned that if she made it for her then boyfriend, he would probably propose.   well, i can't say that it contributed to the proposal, but i knew they would appreciate it.

the certificate was redeemed this past weekend with the dinner delivered on sunday.

on the menu was:
   butternut squash lasagna
   tuscan kale salad (from true food kitchen) this is another tried and true recipe.  who knew that raw
      kale could be so good?
  a loaf of bread
  a bottle of wine (red always)

the cool thing is that i could tell how much the gift was appreciated and it made me feel more confident about giving a nontraditional gift.... and inspired to take the route more often.

what are your talents that could be made into an unforgettable gift?
    do you have a green thumb?  maybe you could gift a certificate for planting someone's front
      walk with annuals of the season
   are you proud of your photography skills?   maybe you could gift someone with a certificate for
     your skills to be put to use in helping with their Christmas card photo

the possibilities stretch as far as your talents... and you know you have more than one thing that you are good at up your sleeve.  your friends and family will love it... trust me.  plus in my case, i made extra of everything which meant that mondays dinner was taken care of.

happy gifting!  jennifer

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