Monday, September 2, 2013

Carol's Blog Debut

My daughters and I have tossed around the idea of sharing a blog for some years.  And, as you see, we have finally made it to the first post.  I am feeling shy about writing it and have been asking myself, "Why am I doing this?"

The first reason is because I love to write. I've been a letter writer since childhood, writing in pencil with large lettering. I wrote notes to my friends in high school (when I should have been taking notes on lectures), and then passed the notes in the hall between classes.  I wrote to my betrothed everyday, while he was in the Army.  Everyday!  I am a list maker, an e-mail
writer, and I've been keeping journals since 1970.  
It seems that blogging will be just my cup of tea.

The second reason is that I see blogs as a new way to pass on information, ideas and experiences. 
Are blogs a replacement to the circling of webbed-lawn chairs on a front lawn, with the neighborhood moms gathered in the afternoon, cocktail in hand, to talk about their day?
Are blogs the sewing circles of yesteryear, that allowed comfortable lulls in the conversation, because everyone had some kind of needlework to attend to between topics?
Are blogs the new coffee klutches, where we drink our morning beverage while exchanging ideas, inspirations, and observations?
I think so. 

And, finally, reason number 3 why I want to write this blog.  When I identify a flower, tree, bug or bird, and can call it by name, it deepens my experience with it.   Writing helps me to organize and mentally label parts of my life in much the same way.  Writing helps me lasso, with ink (or pixels), my scattered thoughts and corral them where I can find them again.  

So thank you for the opportunity to let me ID parts of my life in a fresh way and welcome to our blog.


  1. May this be the first of many intriguing, thought provoking posts. Good luck, you three! I love you.