Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Children's Art and an Old Ottoman

Recently I made it to a neighborhood rummage sale and had some good luck . I found a quilt, some boxes that I intend to use for paintings, a shoebox full of lace seam binding, a small deer statue that I will be dressing up for the holidays… and this ottoman,
tuffet,       pouffe,        hassock,

One of the things I remember so well from my grandparent’s home was one very similar (the same material and color) although theirs was cylindrical and the grand kids loved to roll around on it......
....I was drawn to it because of those happy memories.

Around the same time someone sent me an article about an artist who combines her artwork with her children’s and then I saw a sharpie on the counter…. And my idea was hatched!

I asked my children if they would want to draw on the ottoman!

I only asked that they wouldn’t scribble, they had to pick out a spot to work and leave space for me because I was part of the project too.  

What is important is happy children and 
for them it should be about  the process not the product.

So I left the room so I wouldn’t interfere. Whatever they would have come up with, I would have been able to work with with the zen-tangle, doodle design that I had in mind. 

So after they did their art, I added mine and here is our finished product.


XO, April


  1. So incredible!!! You are so talented, April!!! Love you sweet cousin!! xo!! Bridg

  2. Really lovely -- I'm glad somebody else sent you the link to that artist, as I know we talked about her, but scatterbrain here forgot to send you more info.