Friday, September 6, 2013

less kincade and more picasso

posted by jennifer

so, as we three who call this blog home were in the early planning stages, july 4th this year, after the fireworks had turned to ash and the smoke wasn't hanging quite so heavy in the air... and the babies were
sleeping, we started brainstorming this blog in earnest.  we laughed a lot... enough endorphins flowing through our bodies to counteract all the carcinogens we had breathed in from the fireworks.

i thought what better way to introduce you to this blog as i see it, than through some of our random thoughts
that eventually got us here, to our first week of posts.  here is a sampling.

  *the cat and her balls of string.   
      the cat being my mom, carol, and my sister april and i being the balls of string.... i know, but it was late, 
      and we were brainstorming and i actually just laughed out loud again rereading it.   not to mention my
      mom's initials are c.a.t.  and my sister and i have been known to come unraveled at times. 

  *downward facing tongs
       i don't even know what to say, but it is written down in my notebook... so someone said it.

  *merry mishmash
       we all loved the word merry, because we mostly are, and mishmash because, well, we are a bit
       mishmashed.  in the best, most positive (usually at least) sense.  you may not know what you will get
       but chances are it will be good.

  *split finger trio
      come winter time at least one or two... or all of us is suffering from split fingers.  english housewife
      hands, by way of my mom's mum.  they can handle a hot cast iron skillet, but a side effect of those
      hard worked hands is apparent.

  *the merry junebugs
     april and i were inspired by a junebug thrashing around the porch light.  it was trying so hard, to do
     what i'm not sure, but it wouldn't give up.  and junebugs always seem so cute and sweet and happy.
     i still love that name.  i think i may have been a junebug in a previous life.

we also talked about what kinds of things we might write about in our blog.  here are some things you can look forward to:
   *cooking... what can i say.  my sister and i had a great role model in the kitchen
   *crafts....oh yeah... she's crafty x3!
   *home cannot be both grand and comfortable.... and we all have welcoming and
     comfortable homes
   *hoodwinking... i.e.  a hamburger patty served with a-1 sauce or ketchup and christened a hamburger
   *humor....see above
   *organization....hmm... well i did just clean my pantry... and it looks great, however, it is never a good
     sign when your go to put groceries away from a costco trip, and groceries from a previous shopping
     trip are still on the pantry floor
    *frugal   i try, and always have the best intentions.  and this month i am totally going to
      stick to the food budget.

well, i guess i've painted a bit of a picture of what this blog may be.. and it is definitely looking less  kincade
and more picasso.  welcome!

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