Monday, September 9, 2013

Memories and plants


Some songs bring to mind a certain person.  Some smells evoke memories. And, for me, some plants tell a tale about someone, who holds an enduring place in my heart.

I always think of my mother when I see sweet peas.  She grew them every year.  Blooming jacaranda trees start a mental rerun of my Auntie Jean's thrill at seeing their purple canopies. She was visiting from England.  Clivias, pyracanthas, alstromerias, eucalypus, ranunculus, Pink Breath of Heaven, moonflowers....all these leafy lovelies, and many more, bring me remembrances.

Oxalis triangularis (aka purple shamrock) will always remind me of my, now 6 year old, grandson. When he was a mere 3 years old, he started calling this perennial "whale's tail". He wanted to pick a stem of it every time he was in my garden, which was often. At times, there were only a few shoots left growing.  He loved this plant!

Times change.  Grandchild #3 isn't in this garden as much as before and when he's here, picking a "whale's tail" isn't a priority any longer. Unimpeded, the plant is now growing as vigorously as my grandson. 

I will forever call this oxalis "whale's tail" and I will always think of a young grandson when I see it.

What plants trigger memory of someone special to you?

t.t.f.n. ~ Carol 


  1. I too, always think of my mom with sweet peas. :)
    The Haughts with gardenias,
    I think of White River when I smell sage or is it juniper?...

    1. Yes, the smell of White River is sage. Although there are junipers there as well, so perhaps it is a mixture.

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