Friday, September 20, 2013

love and marriage......

 .....through the eyes of a four year old

posted by jennifer

my daughter maya is at  that wonderfully sweet age where everything is hearts and flowers... at least that is, when things are as she feels they should be...when she feels there is an injustice...  i am girl hear me roar.   although even then, she is at the age where those roars are quickly replaced by sweet

lately, she has been directing weddings between my husband and i.  this entails her picking some flowers from the yard (today a bouquet of ornamental garlic blooms).... her delivering them to my husband in the sly way only a young child pull off... walking backwards, hands behind her back, and stating that she doesn't have anything.

she will then tell my husband to give me the flowers and to ask me to marry him.

all is well once the flowers are accepted by the bride (that's me) and we kiss.  the wedding complete.

and maya is satisfied that she has orchestrated yet another successful marriage.  to the same couple. for the 6th time that month.

sweet sweet girl.

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